Discovering Great Opportunities for Companies and Investors

Exit Strategies is a consulting firm that brings middle market businesses together with the right investment entity. The result is
maximized value for all parties to the proprietary transaction.

Building Paths to the Future…

The Exit Strategies Goal

The Exit Strategies Role

The Exit Strategies goal is a deal that’s a winner for all stakeholders. Our process is designed to help business owners and investors avoid wasted time, money and resources in securing a mutually beneficial deal.

The Exit Strategies Role

The Exit Strategies Goal

Exit Strategies offers sellers or companies seeking capital an alternative to being packaged and auctioned by investment banks. We offer one or two highly skilled shots into the private equity world in contrast to a shotgun approach. We provide our investment clients a pipeline of investable opportunities that fits their objectives.

The Exit Strategies Advantage

The Exit Strategies Advantage

We’re bilingual. We speak the language of the business owner and the professional investor. The result is a deal in the common language of mutual benefit and profit.

The Exit Strategies Difference

Proprietary Process & Tools

Exit Strategies employs a proprietary process and tools designed to create an optimal match between the buyer and seller.

Finding the Ideal Investor

The Exit Strategies Investor Profile begins with an extensive fact finding interview with the seller.

Finding the Ideal Investment

The Exit Strategies Business Profile begins with an extensive fact finding interview with the investor.

The Exit Strategy Tilt Analysis

When a comparison is made between the business Investor Profile and an investment entity Business Profile, the result is a Tilt Analysis.