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The Exit Strategies Process

The Exit Strategies process is driven by discovery, intuitive assessment and always focused on seller/investor needs and objectives. Our process supports a great outcome for everyone involved in a deal.

The Exit Strategies process is designed to advance the interests of all deal stakeholders.The process below represents our standard process. It is not an iron clad, inflexible pro forma. Every engagement and resulting deal presents its own idiosyncrasies an unique challenges. How these challenges are managed often distinguishes between competent origination and world class deal origination.

The Exit Strategies Process

*The Exit Strategies Tilt Analysis is a proprietary analysis designed to indentify factors in both buyer and seller that creates a bias for deal success

Exit Strategies Helps Businesses

Exit Strategies helps a business to navigate the investment community with time and cost saving insight and efficiency.

Protracted negotiations that fail are very costly in terms of hard dollar expense, wasted time and lost opportunity. One of the most dramatic examples of opportunity cost is the diversion of a company’s owner and its top management from their business during a negotiation process that ultimately fails.

Our process in working with both buyers and sellers is highly interactive and collaborative. The process we employ relies heavily on intense research and preparation. Every step we take is designed to contribute to an efficient and profitable transaction for all constituents and stakeholders.

Our intensive and ongoing analysis of the players in the private equity space also helps to insure that we’ll source the right investment entity for a seller.

Exit StrategiesThe biggest risk to a buyer and seller is not the failure to make a deal, but making the wrong deal. The Exit Strategies process is designed to avoid both outcomes.

Solutions for Business Owners

The deal origination space is often characterized by two types of players. One is the institutional originator. These enterprises have considerable resources but are however inflexible, lack creativity & innovation, and often fail to grasp and communicate the powerful nuances of a potential deal. The other type of origination player tends to be undisciplined, short sighted and as a result creates inefficiency. The waste associated with these types of originators make their rare successes very expensive in terms of time, effort and energy.

Exit Strategies was founded to provide a different option for investors and sellers.

Our mission goal is to provide highly targeted deal origination. Our proprietary process factors in many of the abstract elements that create a bias for deal success. We also support and facilitate the opportunities until they reach a resolution. We have a bias for the long view which we express by building pipelines of opportunity on behalf of our investment clients and companies that are not sellers in the short term.

Exit StrategiesExit Strategies creates more than handshakes. We develop investor/seller engagements with a strong bias for deal success.

The Exit Strategies Difference

Proprietary Process & Tools

Exit Strategies employs a proprietary process and tools designed to create an optimal match between the buyer and seller.

Finding the Ideal Investor

The Exit Strategies Investor Profile begins with an extensive fact finding interview with the seller.

Finding the Ideal Investment

The Exit Strategies Business Profile begins with an extensive fact finding interview with the investor.

The Exit Strategy Tilt Analysis

When a comparison is made between the business Investor Profile and an investment entity Business Profile, the result is a Tilt Analysis.