For Investors

Types of Transactions

The transactions originated by Exit Strategies include but are not limited to:

  • 100% sale of the business
  • Recapitalizations of family-owned businesses
  • Growth capital raises
  • Management buyouts
  • Mergers
  • Strategic add-on acquisitions
  • Select special situations

The structural approach to a transaction can vary, but our goal doesn’t. Our mission is always the same, to find the right partner for you and your business. Our proprietary and exhaustively thorough process is designed to do just that!

Exit StrategiesWhatever type of transaction you’re contemplating, we should talk. If we can’t help we’ll probably know someone who can!

Investment Solutions Provided By Exit Strategies

The vast majority of private equity groups have formidable skills and resources dedicated to deal analysis, structure and closing. A common weakness, the “Achilles heel” of many of these enterprises is the ability to methodically generate a robust pipeline of high quality opportunities.

Our goal is a close and highly collaborative relationship with our private equity clients. Typically our representation of our client involves not just the origination of individual deals but the enhancements of the clients deal origination pipeline and process.

The Primary Investor Solutions Provided by Exit Strategies are:

  • More high quality, actionable deal opportunities
  • A deal origination process predictive of better quality deals
  • Improved deal flow consistency, quantity & quality
  • Compression of deal cycle length
  • Deal origination cost savings
  • Allows a focus on making deals, not finding them
  • Proprietary deal flow

Exit StrategiesIf you’re a private equity looking for proprietary deal opportunities the Exit Strategies process was designed for you.

The Investors We Represent

Exit Strategies represents a great solution for the right kind of investment organization. We represent a full spectrum of investment organizations within the private equity space. Although our investment clients differ in investment strategy, investment targets, funds available & portfolio size, they do have many common characteristics.

A Profile Of The Exit Strategies Client:

  • Has committed funds ready to invest
  • Possesses a well defined investment target profile
  • Is committed to mutual benefit in a deal
  • Appreciates the complexity of deal origination
  • Wants to compress deal cycles
  • Wants to improve marketing and deal origination infra structure
  • Places a premium on the process we employ in originating a deal
  • Believes origination skill can strongly and positively influence deal outcomes
  • Takes the long view of creating a deal pipeline
  • Understands the dynamics of complexity of a proprietary deal

Exit Strategies dynamically expands, adjusts, refines and rebalances the portfolio of the investment organizations it represents.

Exit StrategiesIn the private equity space alone we currently represent over 75 investment entities and we have active contact with many others!

The Exit Strategies Difference

Proprietary Process & Tools

Exit Strategies employs a proprietary process and tools designed to create an optimal match between the buyer and seller.

Finding the Ideal Investor

The Exit Strategies Investor Profile begins with an extensive fact finding interview with the seller.

Finding the Ideal Investment

The Exit Strategies Business Profile begins with an extensive fact finding interview with the investor.

The Exit Strategy Tilt Analysis

When a comparison is made between the business Investor Profile and an investment entity Business Profile, the result is a Tilt Analysis.